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How to suddenly become Sub-Zero of Mortal Kombat…

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Yo quiero que me dediquen una cancion bonita :c


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This motivated me to study. Thanks tiny cactus.


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no quiero tu wea maraca e la conchetumare

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Sydney’s One Central Park, the World’s Tallest Vertical Garden

To see more photos and videos of the vertical garden, explore the Central Park location page on Instagram.

At Central Park in Sydney, Australia, a 33-floor residential building known as One Central Park houses the world’s tallest vertical garden. Designed by Parisian architect Jean Nouvel, the garden towers at 115 meters (380 feet) and showcases panels of greenery designed by French botanist Patrick Blanc. The panels, some of which are several stories tall, are scattered around the building’s facade and carry 450 types of plants (250 of which are local species).

In addition to the garden, One Central Park is also known for the cantilever that juts out from the top floors of the building. A heliostat of motorized mirrors is installed underneath the cantilever, reflecting sunlight to various areas of the garden. LED art installations designed by French light artist Yann Kersalé are also built into the cantilever, lighting up the environment throughout the night.

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"Vamos a darle a mi bebé una despedida todopoderosa, el funeral de todos los funerales, el se merece lo mejor. ‘

Hermoso y triste wn :(

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